Dualtron City

The highly innovative Dualtron City is the safest & most comfortable electric scooter for the urban environment. It's big & unique 15 inch tires, high ground clearance and larger wheelbase result in unmatched stability, comfort and safety on the road and puts the fear of potholes in the history books! This Dualtron is made for the City and comes with a built in horn, dedicated turn lights and a removable battery.

Battery: 60V 25Ah

Autonomy: Up to 90 km

Power: Max 4000 W (2 Motors)

Speed: Limited to 25 km/h delimited 70 km/h

Brakes: Two simultaneous brake discs

Weight: 41 kg

Limited time offer:
1,900.83 € 2,231.40 €
Reduced price -330.58 €
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