Dualtron Compact

The Dualtron Compact is a powerhouse for its size. The Compact features dual drive BLDC hub motors capable of putting out 3400 watts max. It comes with drum brakes coupled with ABS to ease the maintenance, and 8" solid tires so you don't need to worry about flats. A 60V 21Ah battery pack with LG cells will give you up to a 80 km range.

Battery: 59.2V 21Ah

Autonomy: Up to 80 km

Power: Max 3400 W (2 Motors)

Speed: Limited to 25 km/h delimited 55 km/h

Brakes: Electric and rear drum

Weight: 35 kg

Limited special offer
1,817.00 € 2,131.40 €
Reduced price -314.05 €
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